Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Congratulations, Phantom Stranger!

Well, I found out from Chris of the Two Guys about the DC Press Announcements made at the last convention. One of my favorites, the Phantom Stranger (he is on my SureSell list, though I unforgiveably forgot him until I saw this news) is in line for a "Showcase issue." Now, if this means a Showcase Presents Volume (which I'm all too ready to believe for my own gigginess) I'm amazingly excited. I'm already rubbing my hands together greedily. I can just feel that weighty paperback in my hands, filled to the brim with black and white mystical goodness.

(If it's just a single issue, I still want it. Right now.)

In other news..

-- All Star Wonder Woman is vaguely hinted at, but nothing is overtly confirmed.

-- Jack Knight (Starman, retired) is promised to appear in 52.

-- As is Ambush Bug.

-- And Kyle Rayner still can't cut a break.

Asked if Kyle Rayner would get a new girlfriend, Didio joked, “First we hope he gets a new mask.”
-The next few moments were spent on jokes about the high turnover of Kyle girlfriends, with the highlight being comparisons between Kyle’s girlfriends and drummers for Spinal Tap.

(I hope that means he will actually get a new mask.)


  1. Because a new mask wouldn't make him less interesting. New girlfriends create drama, and drama is generally considered "interesting". Therefore, low girlfriend turnover (because, which one of those poorly characterized women would you rather he still have? The only decent one is dead...) would make him a less interesting character...

  2. AMBUSH BUG!!!!

    that's the best news I've heard all day.

  3. Jack Knight (Starman, retired) is promised to appear in 52.


  4. Ragnell, at my small midjerseycomicon this weekend, you would have been happy to see all the fanboys wearing Green Lantern gear. I too wore a GL tee, then changed to Batgirl. One funny moment I passed a guy wearing a GL tee, who with his girlfriend, and she grabbed his arm to pull him away from me. Did she think I was going to capture him for my own GL corps? Hey, there's an idea!

  5. Sinspired -- Actually a new mask would make him much more fun to look at, no matter who he's with. And yes, keep the high girlfriend turnover. Kyle's cursed. Hell, let him experiment for a few years, thin out the male population of the DCU. (Keep him away from Obsidian, though, as he's just started getting interesting)

    redlib -- Hey, if you have enough, go for it. Sadly, I'm the only T-shirt GL fan in Oklahoma that I've met.