Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Green Lantern Corps Policy

Notes from the 12-27-05 Green Lantern Corps morning briefing.

Subject: Sexual Harassment
Briefer: Kyle Rayner

Transcript Here

Good morning. I've been instructed to brief all Lanterns on the Guardians' Sexual Harassment Policy. There's a roster being passed around, please intial next to your name, or I'll have to read this to you again.


Romantic liasons are not restricted among Corps personnel. It is strongly enouraged that you research the mating rituals of your potential liason prior to the actual liason.

For example, violence is permitted as a response to unwelcome advances, but in a number of cultures it is simply the next step. Please know what you are getting into.

Standard Policy is that no means no, especially when the mental state of the refuser is in question.

Do not expect help from your chain of command. Any one who is unable to fend off the advances of Senior Lanterns Gardner or Jordan on their own does not deserve to be here.

Please be warned that the persons you will interact with outside of the Corps have no such restrictions on their behavior, and may have less than honorable intentions.

You have been briefed.


  1. Heh, no better man to give the briefing, as the bottom picture indicates.


  2. ~Sigh~

    Why does wonder woman look like a giant?

  3. Because Diana radiates largness due to her royal upbringing, and Kyle radiates smallness due to his confidence problems which were in no way helped by the company he kept durign that period of his life.

    And Kyle is actually much physically smaller than most readers realize.

    Why else do you think his current costume has thick-soled shoes, extra-thick leathery exterior, and the vertical hair that stand 2-3 inches. Hal's got 3 inches and 35 pounds on him according to SF&O, yet in Rebirth they appeared the same size.

    I'd bet he wore lifts in his old costume, too.

    But, as Wonder Woman clearly demonstrates in the above panel, when Kyle's knocked out and not fronting, he's actually very compact and easy to carry off.

    (He looks like a baby when he's in Superman's arms)

    This is why everyone always underestimated Kyle and compared him poorly to Hal. He just doesn't look the part.

  4. And it's the angle too. Anyone knows that an angle from the top is very unflattering anyway.

    But doesn't he look cute like that?! :-P

  5. Or it could just be her hair throwing me off.

    Honestly if it's not "down down" I always get the imprestion shes much bigger then normal.

    But if you want to get Technical Wondy has 1 inch on him and Kyle has 10 pounds on her. (Wondy courtesy of DC secret files and Klye the secret files book.)

    So it has to be the hair.

  6. Men and women distribute poundage differently. Diana's distribution of weight makes her look bgiger from that angle.

    I agree though, ultimately it must be the hair and angle here. But if she were carrying say, Nightwing, or even Wally, she still wouldn't look that much bigger than her burden. Kyle may have a few pounds on Diana, but as men go he's on the smaller scale.

  7. I loved her hair during the Obsidian age and Golden Perfect. It was sleek and looked like she was maybe a warrior who didn't spend hours keeping it up with hairspray. Also I know they distribute weight differently but her head looks much lar-- gah that picture is going to make me crazy.

  8. The great and mighty Darwyn Cooke managed to make a giantess Diana downright sexy in New Frontier. In several scenes, she's talking down at Superman. It's kinda awesome.

  9. I am so glad you brought up New Frontier Kevin. I loved that she was taller than him. Wonder Woman should be tall and beautiful and feminine. She's an Amazon, for Athena's sake!

    And I hated the Obsidian Age hair. I like it as a mess of Greek curls best. That's not hairspray. Her hair is jsut that thick.

    And I love that picture of her holding Kyle. It's why I posted it. I think she looks gorgeous.

  10. What part makes her tall?

    She started out as clay she's not a natural amazon. Hell she was sculpted as a baby right? How do you make an amazon baby? You can't really she was sculpted female and brought to life that about it for what she was to look like by my knowledge.

    The same goes for her hair. Every time I see Artimis or Hippy they have their hair in a tail. Obviously she's different as even Athena seemed to have that hair style.

    Essentially I veiwed her as always being different from the amazons. They were her people, but only because they raised her. The same way Supes was only raised here. They both shouldn't look like there respective houses. It's why I'm upset when they try and compensate for supes by giving him muscles. He dosn't need them, just the same as wondy dosn't need to be that perfect amazon.

    They're gifts and abilities aren't like Batmans. They didn't earn them, by working hard they were born with them, they just try to live up to having them.

    Meh I just always had this thing about Aquaman and Bat's looking the biggest. Aquaman moves his body continously under his own power (unlike flash and his speed force) while swimming and Bat's is self explanitory.

    The best thing about wonder woman is when she looks like a normal woman. Then when she fights it's not like she's the god she is but it's you or any woman fighting. Same with supes, or green lantern for that matter.

    It's just my view that her and supes shouldn't be these big grand beings. Especially supes, his body should be drawn as a reflection of humbleness. Wondies you can tan a little (due to living on an island), but other then that this wonder woman shold look average compared to the other heroines. She's still strong, she's still threatening as an opponent, but she isn't "perfect".

    But that is always my oppinoin and if you don't like those, I have others.

    1. Do you know Wonder Woman's origin bro? She was sculpted by her mother to look like her aunt Antiope & may have been blessed by gods but she earned the mantle of Wonder Woman in a competition amongst her Amazon sisters (who on Themyscira are equal to Diana in strength & speed & agility). Diana may have been sculpted & brought to life, but she was modeled after her Amazon aunt & was trained by the Amazons. Even without her powers from the gods she's still strong and fast and agile due to her Amazonian training. Her fighting skills are even superior to Batman himself, so don't say Diana didn't earn her abilities. She's not just a superpowed person like Superman, as I stated her Amazon training made her strong, fast, and agile. Without her powers she is still an amazing fighter and is a major force to be reckoned with.