Friday, September 09, 2005

This is My Sister's Fault

My sister, Kim has been bothering my to create a blog or live-journal or something like that for several months now. She basically wants more links to her site.
Click here to make my sister happy

I resisted because I didn't want to share my thoughts online, but I've earned a lot of free time. You see, I'm a vampire. I don't drink blood, mind you, or have particularly sharp teeth -- and I have a sunburn on my shoulders. But I'm beginning to believe that I will burn up in direct sunlight.

I blame work. I am working on Mid-shift -- that's the Graveyard shift for you civilians, and so have not had the opportunity to see Amaterasu's face on a regular basis. I find myself slipping into bed as she's peering over the ridiculously low Midwest Horizon, and I'm usually in the bathroom as she bids us farewell in the evening. It's becoming disconcerting.

I used to be quite a social animal. I was never a drinker or a dancer, but I was out every night -- playing games, talking to my friends, watching TV at my ex's house, chatting it up at the comic book store, chatting it up at the New Age shops in town, volunteer work at the School of Metaphysics... *Sigh* That's pretty much petered off with my new schedule. Everyone else is going to bed when I hit my stride, and I don't get cable TV. So I find myself killing an inordinate amount of time on the internet.

Lately, I've gotten back into message board posting due to DC Crisis on Infinite Wallets crossover, and I got the itch to do my own reviews after Morrison's Shining Knight #4 (Which was unbelievably awesome!). So, here I am -- For all the Internet to see.

No, I am not going to take my top off.



  2. hondobrode -- Thankest ye mightily, ood sir!

    sinspired -- *Sticks out her tongue at you*