Sunday, July 23, 2006

DCU Panel: Everything Wonder Woman

From Newsarama:
Asked about the scheduling of Wonder Woman, Terry Dodson said that he and Allan Heinberg are producing the book as quickly as they can, and that Heinberg is putting everything into the story to make it the best Wonder Woman story possible.
For nearly twenty days the same question has been up on Allan Heinburg's board at the Bendisboards, unanswered. I'm afraid we'll get no clarification on this one (but I suspect the writer -- the last time a Dodsons book was delayed, it was the writer then).

Asked about an All-Star Wonder Woman title, DiDio asked if the audience would be interested in one, which was met by cheers. "Would you be interested in Adam Hughes on an All-Star Wonder Woman book?" More cheers from the audience. "Great idea - we'll bring it up,” DiDio said.
Dan Didio is a tease. Fortunately, he knows there's a market for this one.

DiDio asked everyone on the panel to reveal one secret thing from all of their books.
Dodson: Neither Donna Troy or Diana Prince is Wonder Woman in issue #3.
Sweet Demeter, that has possibilities! Is it a return of Hippolyta? Cassie stepping up? Artemis back from limbo? Confirmation of the theory that the "Diana Prince" introduced in Wonder Woman #1 isn't really Diana of Themiscyra? A villainess in disguise? Nemesis really freaking impressing the rest of us?

From the audience: "Is Wonder Woman a virgin?"

"Terry? Brad? You know what? Next question…" DiDio said.
Dear Mr Didio, Thank you for not answering this unbelievably stupid question. It's encouraging that DC is no longer obsessed with virginity as a mandate so that Diana can remain its premier superheroine, especially in light of the last JSA arc. For this, you deserve a thumbs up. Love, Me.

Dear Asshole Who Asked That Question -- Shut the fuck up. No Love, Me.

The Green Lantern pertinent stuff is up at Zamaron.


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is all Heinberg's fault. I love the guy and I'm buying WW right now pretty much for him but the fact remains that he delayed Young Avengers to the point that they actually had to cut two issues to wrap it up on time.

  2. I agree. On the other hand, I thought YA concluded really nicely. I loved the issues packed with stuff happening. If we had had more issues like those I would have been glad to have seen them but I am just as happy that what was there didn't get stretched out over two more issues.

  3. "-- Shut the fuck up. No Love, Me."

    That made me snort. Coffee.

  4. Actually, Diana isn't a virgin. Remember when Diana had a boyfriend a couple of years ago. I forget his name but the story made it clear that Diana was a woman.

    That said, the emphasis on virginity is pretty pathetic and chauvinistic.

  5. That was odd. I didn't know Wonder Woman's virginity was ever in question. I just assumed the answer was "No" and moved on with my life.

  6. It could be just honest curiosity, couldn't it?