Saturday, July 29, 2006

Along came this old man in a green El Dorado II...

Well, I got my vacation time and it's all settled. I'm going to meet my sister, and my blogging partner Kalinara in Chicago for the WizardWorld convention.


  1. Also, there's this Sushi restaurant in downtown Chicago that I kid you not serves a kind of martini that they call a "Green Lantern." I had one the last time I was in town. It's very green. And somewhat foamy.

  2. But there's a big, dark forest between me in the little green house on the hill...

    But the shirts are blue. :)

  3. Was the little old man toting a bottle of Yukon Jack?

  4. Hey! Back in the 80's a guy brought this tape to work for us to listen to. It had all these goofy songs on it and the old man song was one of them! I haven't been able to find this since and I wana hear it again sooooo bad!!! Who is the artist who did this song?? I would be eternally grateful!!


  5. Val,

    It's "Existential Blues" by Tom "T Bone" Stankus.

    (And you know, I'd rather have this bottle in front of me...)

  6. You rule!!!!! Thanks!!! I'm gonna go look it up on Rhapsody! Take care! ~Val