Saturday, July 29, 2006

Looking Back

Kalinara and I were working on our new pet project (the one that has me posting so sporadically lately over here), and we figured on gathering any archived Green Lantern posts from our blogs and posting them there. I'm very glad I did, because otherwise I probably would not have looked back at my first week's worth of posts. I made a very important discovery there.

Regular readers will probably recall that, once or twice, I've written rambling emo posts about how my blog has strayed from its original feel. Or, you may remember a rant or two about that subject. I've often worried, quietly to myself, and quietly in text over chat windows, that the feel of the blog has changed too much since I started.

These thoughts have been pestering me for quite some time, actually. But no more, because in the very first week, on the second post which I ever posted, posted on the very first day I had this blog, which is the very first blog I ever used (I hadn't even used a livejournal yet!), in the very first unfocused reviews that I tried simply because the other blogs I'd read had done reviews, I discovered something intriguing.

Take note of my review for New Avengers #9:
New Avengers #9
Notable for a really neat scene with Emma Frost. Emma's inside Sentry's mind, trying to find his false memories. It's very cool to see her at work. I hope Joss Whedon isn't really turning her evil again, but I scanned Astonishing X-Men and sadly, it looks like it. It's a shame. She's a really good character, and I've loved her as a complex heroine since her Generation X days. I was very sad to see this, and couldn't buy Astonishing X-Men because of it.
Then I found this article that talks about her during Morrison's run. Now I'm angry. How is it just as DC is making its goody-goody women more of a presence in their universe that Marvel decides to make one of its most decisive females evil again? How screwed up is that? Especially after the Scarlet Witch debacle!
Plus, it worries me that the writer doing this is set up to direct Wonder Woman. I've got my fingers crossed, though.

And above that, an excerpt of my reviews of Green Lantern #4
I think Hal should punch more people overall.

Write a whole one-shot about it. Hal Jordan Punches the DC Universe!
I can see it now! Batman! Supergirl! Wonder Girl! Batman! The Joker! Lex Luthor! Batman! Dark Seid! Lobo!
He just tours the whole DCU hitting people, until he gets to the JSA HQ -- where he swings at Alan Scott--
And finds his hand stopped in mid-air. "Hal, we have to talk."

That would be beautiful, just beautiful.

If I should ever again start to complain that this blog is losing its way by dwelling too much on either of these subjects, I would greatly appreciate a link back to this early post.


  1. I like your blog just fine. And blogs change over time to suit the interests of the people who write them; it happens to everybody, and it's not like you posted a big sign up in front of the internet saying "This is my blog, and it will be utterly free of feminism for all time, and will be nothing but light fluffy commentary on spandexy people punching other spandexy people!" There's plenty of places to go for that. When I want to read Ragnell, I read Ragnell.

  2. I know my blog has changed a lot since I started. I used to be quite structured. These days I just tend to rant about whatever stirs me up. Things change. They will change again.

  3. Your blog is fine. It is frequently
    witty, and always thought-provoking
    and I enjoy it enormously. I'm
    also having a good time over at
    Zamaron, so keep up the good work.
    Have a brownie.

  4. Hi, I guess this is as good a spot as any to introduce myself. I just found out this blog existed yesterday and I haven't done the whole read-the-whole-thing-from-the-beginning-and-go-mad thing yet. But what I have seen so far, I love!

    Retrospection is cool and all, bit as the villian in DRAGNET said "ever forward!"

    Just do it, it will turn out the way it needs to turn out. And Hal Jordan Punches the DC Universe!
    would have been a damn sight better than Zero Hour.

  5. Oooh, a brownie!

    Moose -- Wow, thanks.

    Mari -- I actually noticed that, I remember you used to do a lot of profiles. We all have cycles.

    Juisarian -- Hey, I reconize you from Newsarama! Welcome!

  6. ". . .that the feel of the blog has changed too much since I started."

    If you were writing the exact same sort of blog posts now as you were when you first started, it'd probably be time to hang up your hat, because it means you would've gotten stagnant and that your writing never evolved.

    Your tastes change. Your writing style changes. Your enthusiasm for any given topic will change. Your outlook on life changes. Your interpretations of signs and portents and shots of Hal's ass change. You learn and grow and evolve and mature and your blog should follow suit.

    You shouldn't resist those forces, you should embrace them, especially while you're still in your twenties. Wait until you hit 30, then you can be a crusty ol' stick-in-the-mud like me. :-)

  7. Come on, just because Emma seems like she'll become evil doesn't mean that she will. Besides, the X-Men have had a number of characters switch from good to evil and back or vice versa.