Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can't Believe It.

I've said a lot about Judd Winick over this blog, and I generally go after the man's writing as opposed to the man himself. But today I found something that convinced me he was a Force of True Evil.

Again, polling the panelists, DiDio asked which character each creator would want to die or come back to life?

Winick: G'nort. I want him dead.


  1. I also want G'Nort dead.

    But for entirely different reasons.

  2. I'm sorry, but wasn't Busiek the one who said he'd go after G'Nort's puppies?

    That's just cold.

  3. You know, if I ever get a shot to write at DC, I shall write a G'nort/Connor Hawke team-up.

    Just to spite Winick.

    And it'll probably outsell that stupid Black Circle story-line.

  4. G'Nort gets no protection from me.

    Winnick's still the man.

  5. And this is the guy they put in charge of Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel, the one with the talking tiger friend and the evil telepathic worm arch-nemesis? Ye gods, there's something seriously wrong with DC right now.

  6. Anun says

    In fairness, Paul Dini seemed to have Winick's back on that.

  7. I, for one, do not want G'nort dead.

    I simply want him never to have existed.

  8. Bastard.
    See what I get for supporting you during your Real World years? Write more Barry Ween!