Thursday, January 18, 2007

Since I'm doing memes anyway..

(Found via Artemis and Racy Li)

Thirteen Books I Started Reading, But Haven't Finished

1) Triplanetary
2) Rituals of the Dark Moon
3) Women in the Line of Fire
4) Superconscious Meditation
5) Any Four Women Can Rob the Bank of Italy
6) War of the Worlds
7) Survival
8) Art is a Way of Knowing
9) The Prince
10) The Universe Next Door
11) The Second Sex
12) Witchcraft for Tomorrow
13) To Write Like a Woman

(Just started 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 13. I've given up completely on 8, 9, and 10.)

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  1. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! :) Great list of books. Once I start a book, I normally have to finish it. I think there's only ever been a couple of books that I haven't been able to get through.

    Happy T13. :)

  2. Caylynn -- Thanks. I get distracted easily, and I find I can't enjoy a book if I've shifted gears. So I have to put it away and distract myself. This leads to a lot of books on my shelves with bookmarks at any one time.

  3. Wow. That's an ambitious list. I've read two of those.

    I'd suggest you read Machiavelli first. After that you can figure out how to get other people to read those other books for you.


  4. I had to think for a long time to come up with thirteen.

    1. Gormenghast trilogy - Mervyn Peake. Didn't quite get into it before it had to go back to the library. I'll give it another shot someday.
    2. Democracy in America - Alexis de Tocqueville. I liked it; I just couldn't stay with it. I'll try again someday.
    3. The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins. I know it's supposed to be really good. It's another one I intend to take another run at.
    4. The Redemption of Althalus - David and Leigh Eddings. This one, on the other hand, I stopped reading intentionally because it failed to be anything other than a typical Eddings piece of crap.
    5. Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists - don't know the author offhand. Didn't like it.
    6. Mistress of Mistresses - E.R. Eddison. One of his classic old-school fantasy novels. I intend to try it again but I really don't care if I succeed.
    7. The Honourable Schoolboy - John le Carre. Zzzz.
    8. The Emancipator's Wife - Barbara Hambly. Historical novel about Mary Todd Lincoln. Hambly's one of my favourite authors, so I tried it, but I just don't care enough about Mary Todd Lincoln.
    9. Puck of Pook's Hill - Rudyard Kipling. It was okay. I'll give it another shot someday if I feel like it.
    10. Captain Alatriste - Arturo Perez-Reverte. I don't know why I didn't get through this the first time, because I like Perez-Reverte and this one's nice and swashbuckly, but for some reason it didn't happen. There won't be a problem the second time, I'm sure.
    11. The Gilded Age - Mark Twain and ... I forget his name. Didn't grab me. Can't promise I'll try it again.
    12. A World Too Wide - Gregory McDonald. This was so long ago that I can't remember anything about the book, other than that it's nothing like his 'Fletch' books. I might even have the wrong title.
    13. Juiced - Jose Canseco. Piece of junk.

  5. Simone de Beauvoir= god(dess). You should probably read Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own and Orlando after you finish The Second Sex. I found that they complimented each other.

    (And don't worry about not finishing The Prince. It's a huge effort. Maybe you should try to find another translation later.)

  6. I always have a pile of books going at the same time. I never know what I might feel like reading at any given moment.

  7. Don't worry about not finishing Triplanetary either, but perhaps for different reasons. Although it's billed as the "start" of the Lensman series, it's actually a much inferior earlier work that was retroactively added on to the series by a publisher who -- rightly -- decided it would sell better as part of a well-known series than as a standalone book. If you haven't read any Lensman books and are curious about them -- perhaps because of their ancestral relationship to the Green Lantern Corps -- a vastly better starting point would be First Lensman, which is billed as the second book in the series but was actually written well after all the others as a sort of "prequel."

    It also contains a female lead in a role that some consider sexist but others consider proto-feminist: she doesn't get to be a Lensman specifically because of her gender, but makes it clear by her deeds that she's as good as any of them. Probably best read as an artifact of its time, rather than ahead of its time...

  8. Nice to see you on the 13 Ragnell! Cool list of books - you're reading so many of them at the same time!!!!!! :D

  9. Those sound like excellent books not to finish!