Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Really Hope This Is An Ion Spoiler

Because I'm feeling lazy tonight (I'm still too damned lazy to review Ion #1 like I promised), I'll just weigh in with a quote from Ron Marz's last interview on Newsarama.

On Kyle Rayner:
"Wait until you see him wipe out the Khund Empire in issue #4."

Someone please tell me he's serious.

And that they use a behind Kyle panel-angle.


  1. Hmm, yeah, Khund Empire, what's that again?

    And I'm somewhat disturbed by the idea of Kyle wiping out entire empires. It seems so, Parallax.

  2. God, if he remembers the Dominators exist, he should get on wiping them out, while he's at it.

  3. What is it with people stealing old Legion villains?

  4. Calvin -- Something that should have been gone long ago.
    I'm sure it's not EXACTLY the same kind of insane as Parallax, but I am looking forward to the inevitable battle between newly Sane Normal-Lantern-Level Hal and newly Crazy Ion-Level Kyle.

    Steven -- And therefore made for hack and slash!

    Jon -- Give him time, Kyle's been kidnapped, trussed up, strapped to a table, experimented on, been mind-controlled, had his clothes torn off numerous times, all over the freaking DCU. Now that he's insane and able to start handing out punishment without restraint, we can expect a few alien races to be wiped out.
    Bye Bye Controllers...

    Catrina -- Well, the Legion's not using them anymore.

  5. The Dominators Remember the Fifdeetu. So they'll at least be annoyed at Ion.

    But yes - a battle between Godlike Crazy Kyle and Normal Lantern Hal would be entertaining, if it wasn't in Ion. Not a big Marz fan.