Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Rokk did a poll of which big event comic was the best, and I'm surprised Countdown placed as well as it did.
1st Place: Sinestro War: 60% (135 votes)
2nd Place: Countdown: 24% (54 votes)
3rd Place: World War Hulk: 9% (21 votes)
4th Place: The Initiative: 3% (8 votes)
5th Place: Amazons Attack: 2% (5 votes)
I know there's some stuff in it I'm enjoying, but I thought from the general dismissal online I was the only one enjoying any of it.


  1. Countdown definately still has it fans. From talking with various retailers, both locally and online, it doesn't seem to be selling as well as 52, but its not the dog many online think it is. Hell, even on S_D the Piper/Trickster sequences seems to atract regular fan support...

    Me, I find it even duller and more depressing than 52, which I didn't care for. But if I had any ability to predict what fans wanted Marvel Zombies wouldn't have even had the first Kirkman series...

  2. For my part I'm loving "Sinestro Corps War." Couldn't care less about Countdown -- its fans can keep it, its detractors can keep it to themselves -- and I'm just totally oblivious to the others.

    Looking forward to Final Crisis with bated breath, though.

  3. Can I presume that Annihilation: Conquest hasn't technically begun yet and so was excluded?

  4. Aw heck, Countdown isn't so bad. And I DO like having it every week, because I have an insatiable appetite for comics that must be sated.

    I do wish that Kyle would show up, but I know that he will sooner or later. And Piper and Trickster are rather amusing, so what the heck.

    Hell, even Amazons Attack wasn't THAT bad. It did have killer bees after all, and if that's not a great concept, then I don't know what is.

  5. What did I get out of this?

    That in order for DC to create a more hated crossover than Marvel... they have to REALLY work at it. ;)

  6. I think there's a huge volume of Intarweb groupthink engaged in the ritual denunciation of Countdown as some sort of harmonic convergence of things hated by vocal segments: crossovers, "too violent" comics, Dan DiDio, tie-ins, etc.

    Those not filled with hatred aren't very vocal against the onslaught, in part from not wanting to be just shouted down (same reason most non-leftists won't talk about politics much on teh Intarweb in "non-political" venues), in part because Countdown isn't exactly *good* enough to merit spirited defenses. "Aw, I think it's OK, and it might get better!" isn't the sort of position inspiring people to take to the ramparts....