Sunday, March 25, 2007

Regarding Birds of Prey #104

Oh... my... god...

So help me Simone, if this is a trick I will...



Yeesh, there's really no way to take down an evil writer, is there?

(On the other hand, if this isn't a trick its one hell of a wonderful story to return to. Maybe if I go on vacation again I can get my other fondest comics wish.)


  1. So...I take it that you read it? I'm both delirious with joy, and terrified that it isn't real.

    If it IS real...then Yahooooo!

  2. Does she count as a "girl in a refrigerator" if the refrigeration is self-generated?

  3. I've got my fingers crossed...another fakeout after the one in Manhunter would be too much...

  4. It wasn't the character I got on my knees at NYCC and begged Simone to revive, but it's a good idea.

  5. Oh, man, I actually kinda hope it is a trick. I mean, I liked Ice just fine and all, but she died, god, over ten years ago now, right? What the hell? We saw her in hell, actually, already. We've seen her ghost come back from the afterlife too. She's dead dead dead. Unless this is one of those dumb-ass "New Earth" resurrections thingees. No offense to Ice or anything, but I would like one DC hero to stay dead. Just one. Jason Todd was the perfect choice but now, well...

    If this isn't a trick, does that mean Vibe is the absolute last one still in the ground?

    Also, if it' s not a trick, why's she wearing the old costume? The one she died in, and was wearing for a bit before she died, was a different one.

  6. There are DCU characters that can stay dead. Kyle's first girlfriend Alex. Kari Limbo. Bruce Wayne's parents. Tim Drake's parents. Characters who died as part of an origin story. These are the Uncle Bens of the DCU.

    There was no good reason to kill Ice, and the only good thing that came out of her death was some of the Guy characterization in Beau Smith's Warrior series. But that characterization was overshadowed by my desire to see Beau Smith write a character with a personality like Ice. A sweet sensitive girl who still had a will of iron when push came to shove. That's unusual among superheroes.

    She was a unique character who died in a stupid, pointless story that was even called a stupid pointless mistake by the team of writers (Waid and Augustyn) who actually killed her and if Simone's bringing her back she has my eternal fanitude.

    There is no reason to leave characters like her, Katma Tui, or Hippolyta dead while they resurrect standard personalities and concepts like Donna Troy and Hal Jordan endlessly. I like Hal and all, but I'd even rather have Ice than him back.

  7. What's the other fondest comics wish?

    - Z

  8. Uncle Ben came back.

    Hell, even Cir-El got a cameo last year.

    There is now no character that I would say I was certain would never be brought back.

  9. In Mark Waid's defense I believe he once stated killing off Ice was one of the worst decisions he ever made. I wish I could cite an interview or other source for that, but something in my mind remembers it being true.

    Ahh, well, Wikipedia states Waid made "a mistake on his part." So I was correct. :)