Monday, March 26, 2007

An Open Letter to Ron Marz that Spoils the Events of Ion #12

Dear Mr. Marz,

This is getting out of hand.

Seriously, that's the fourth time you've killed that particular character. I was pretty annoyed with you the second time you killed that character to give Kyle a shot of angst, now I'm rolling my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love Kyle. I enjoy reading him but really this is getting old and he's an entertaining enough character without the curse.

This isn't like his girlfriends where a different writer killed each one. No, this is you killing this character each time. You didn't even do any proper resurrections the first couple of times. You just seem to change your mind about her death each time so you can bring her in and kill her again.

Come on now. Even South Park got tired of the Kenny thing after a while.

Plus, its just downright creepy that every woman who comes in contact with Kyle Rayner dies, except for Donna. As it is, she's the only possible love interest because she's the only one popular enough to survive the relationship and go on to die in her own storyline. Why don't you kill a male character next time? Just for a change of pace.

How about his Dad? His Dad never died. He went from being quasi-villainous to super-spy, but he never died. Why don't you kill him? You can knock off both the thin version from the Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover and the fat guy from Winick's run. Then you can change your mind and kill one of them again. Mix it up and alternate for a while.

It'll be different at least.


  1. Poor Kyle. He's GOT to be feeling lower than a snake in a tire rut. or something.

  2. Maybe Buddy can stop by and help Kyle get in touch with his creator. I'm not saying that Marz deserves to have his ass kicked but if that were to happen I'd say Kyle would be totally justified in doing so. (Sorry I've been reading an in depth study of Morrison's runs on Animal Man and Doom Patrol, and I find it intersting how one writer can use, death and abuse etc in a way that feels real and not exploitative and another writer seems to make everything he does with a character seem crass and exploitative).

  3. I'm afraid I have to disagree about Doom Patrol. A favorite character of mine got wrecked there in the name of shock value as well. :-(

  4. Sallyp,

    Nah.. I'd think he'd just become desensitied to the whole thing. "Kyle! Dude! I just heard! I'm So sorry for your loss!"

    "Huh?" (shrugs) "Eh, don't worry about it, she'll be back in a few months. We have this on again/off again relationship, see?"

  5. The way that they've been killing off characters, it is going that kind of reaction for everybody!

  6. Four times?

    I consider myself quite the Rayner expert, but I think I may be missing one. Lesee...

    1. Kyle says his mother is dead while talking to Donna as she's helping him move. He later admits this is a lie because there's family issues he didn't want to talk about.

    Effectively, he did kill her once and then brought her back, even though we hadn't met her at that point.

    2. Marz was going to kill her off at the end of his six-issue arc to close of the Green Lantern Volume, but apparently editoral stepped in and made him go back on that one.

    The infamous head in the oven issue...

    3. Marz kills her at the end of the Ion mini-series. Kyle brings her back to life to say goodbye.

    4. Kyle lets her die in Ion #12.

    Have I got that right?

  7. Starman -- Yep, that's it. Kinda overkill, right?

    And that's two Dads sitting around untouched.

  8. Fridges, ovens; what is it with Kyle Raynor and dead women and major appliances?

  9. I believe this calls for a return of the classic 'My Two Dads' sitcom.

    No Paul Riser, though...