Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm Back

5 different amusement parks (run by two different companies) over 5 days. I think I may be more tired than when I left. I believe my sister and mother are quality-timed out.

I had a wonderful time. I also got a picture with Cyclops, and yes, I did get mouse ears at the other park.

(That's me and my sister -- who comments as Sinspired -- by the way. I fully expect anyone who mocks either picture to comment in the comments, by the way.)

Predictably, Tower of Terror and Space Mountain were among the best rides at Disney, but I was surprised that Men in Black topped out Universal's rides. (I did personally like the Jaws boat ride, though).

I'd advise you to avoid reading and asking about anything before you do Tower of Terror, though. Part of the fun is in not expecting what they do.

We also got to taste the original recipe for Alfredo sauce at Epcot. They have a branch from Alfredo's in Rome in their Italy section, the restaurant founded by the guy who invented Alfredo sauce.

Epcot's little World Showcase section was a bit surreal, though. There was a sign in the bathroom saying the baby care center was in Mexico. Mexico was right next to Norway which bordered China which Germany which bordered Italy and so on. All of the salesmen and waiters were from whatever country they represented, which made me wonder if there's some sort of amusement park employee exchange program. Are there people from the US in Japan or Norway wearing cowboy hats and doing rope tricks to replace all those people in the folk costumes?

Anyway, I think I need to recover from vacation now.

Did I miss anything big this week?


  1. Wow. Rogue's hot!
    Am I right, or am I right?

  2. Welcome back, Lisa! Nice to see what you actually look like. Please visit my blog when you have a chance, I've posted stuff about the possibility thst I may have to delay the Carnival

  3. Glad that you're looks as though you had a fun time, although I find that being more exhausted AFTER the vacation is pretty much normal.

    Er...yes, you did miss a few rather good books this week.

    Heh heh.

  4. Hi Ragnell,
    Huzzah! Mr. Reads and I honeymooned at Disneyworld and Universal, and Tower of Terror was indeed one of the highlights of the trip. We didn't get our pictures taken with the X-Men, unfortunately, but I've got some great shots of Captain America and Wolverine working the crowd. Personal favorite: the sign for "Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys at Law."
    Welcome back!

  5. When I was a kid I watched a lot of those "behind-the-scenes" shows (basically infomercials) on the Disney Channel, and it totally spoiled the Tower of Terror for me. When I went to Walt Disney World with my family, we didn't even bother going on the ride because we all knew how it would go down.

  6. about coincidences...I was at Disney World myself last week.

    And the Tower of Terror is scary as all hell, BTW...although I couldn't help letting out a hysterical giggle when people's hats suddenly - well, I don't want to spoil it! ;-)

  7. Amy - We got a pict of the "Nelson and Murdock" sign, and Ragnell caught Mr Blake's sign, too... I want to point out (and rub in) that my score on both the Men In Black and Buzz Lightyear rides was nearly 5 times my sister's score...
    Oh, and my roommate was able to guess that from the picture before I told her. You have to guess how.

  8. Welcome back -- sounds like you had a blast!

  9. I think this might be my first comment on your blog, in which case, HI!

    I just wanted to chime in because I remember my uncle talking to a woman in the Japan section of Epcot and she did tell us that it was an exchange/job/school type of thing that she was on.

  10. I forget if this is my first. Welcome back in any case. Completely agree about the end of the latest BOP.

    Just wanted to confirm, There are very definitely Americans and other Westerners working at Tokyo Disneyland, and at other lesser-known amusement parks in Japan (including a very lonely Finnish man at Santaworld in Aomori, perhaps best thought of as a Japanese Maine). On the other hand, when you see a Japanese Union soldier waving at you when you're on the Mark Twain riverboat ride, that's even more surreal.