Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Coming in November... (Yes, these would be Spoilers)

The full DC November Solicits are up featuring... The Shocking Return of Kyle's Face!

Other things of note:
-- Detective Comics will not be by Paul Dini in November.

-- All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is late even on a "bimonthly" schedule, resoliciting the issue with Wonder Woman's butt on the cover. You know, the one we'd have to buy so to see how badly he fucks up Diana and the rest of the JLA. Yes, I was going to read it. Kalinara and I have a bet about how he degrades Green Lantern. I've got money down on how angry I'll get.

-- Catwoman is still fighting the Film Freak?

-- Cassie Cain's really been getting around since she turned evil. She'll be in Supergirl #12 this time.

-- 52 WEEK 26: The Origin of Power Girl by Waid and Adam Hughes.
WEEK 30: Get ready for the story you never expected! "Batman...No More” — a full length 22-page adventure featuring Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and...Batwoman?!?

-- Ken Lashley is still drawing The Flash. This makes me sad. Why won't this book let me love it?!

-- Okay, Johns, I'm holding you to this Green Lantern solicitation. You've played with us way too long. You've teased us in other solicits and not followed through. This, this is the last straw. I had better see John Stewart this issue, dammit!!

-- "On the planet Korugar, a Lantern faces hatred and rejection and, across the cosmos, another Lantern’s heart is broken."
The lesbian subtext in the first Green Lantern Corps storyline was so thick that it took two readings to figure out which character they actually meant by the second clause of that sentence.

-- Green Lantern Archives, Vol 6, "Advance-solicited; on sale January 3"

-- Without even reading the writeup for Green Arrow #68, I'm guessing Monsters.

-- Just for the record, I'm purposefully avoiding the slash joke about Ion #8.

-- "Hot on the stardust trail of the oldest artifact in the universe, the Omega Men crash land on earth — dragging with them the battling Spider Guild, L.E.G.I.O.N., and a mysterious female alien. Only one thing stands in the way of a planet-wide cosmic doomsday: the heroes of Earth!"
I'm sold on Omega Men. All it needs is Adam Strange, Captain Comet and a Green Lantern and it has the whole Outer Spaaace! set.

-- Sachs and Violens TP
There was seriously more demand for this than a collected Green Lantern: Mosaic?

-- Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes once again does not have Starboy on the cover or in the solicitation. Dude, you don't just change his appearance and shunt him to the background. Khallor-fans, unite!! We want Thom! Well, we think he's Thom... We'd like to know if he's Thom or not...

-- This image was four hundred times better when Alex Ross drew it for a Vertigo series.

-- Where the hell is Wonder Woman? Someone handcuff Heinberg to his typewriter.


  1. I would love to see some series that continued cosmic stories. I know they have Mystery in Space and the Omega Men. I hope they use this opportunity to create some great space drama. I hate to admit it, but I think Marvel is doing a better job in that arena with their Annihilation series...and I LOVE DC's cosmic characters more.

    As for Thom and John Stewart, I say give us MORE!!!!!!!!!

    PS - Wonder Woman #2 is due out this Wednesday and I'm SO excited!

  2. My understanding is that Star Boy is Thom Kallor of Xanthu; just with a new and improved complexion. My question is, why is he someone to be particularly a fan of? He was a fun guy while Levitz was writing the Legion, but only occasionally interesting in the reboot, and we simply haven't seen much of him under Waid and Kitson. What's the attraction?

  3. Loren -- Me too!

    Matthew -- I think it's because he's projected to be Starman. See, Thom's my lead-in to the Legion, through a Starman guest-shot. I'm not sure exactly why, it mgiht be because I like goofy loveable male characters who don't think things through too well, but I really took a shine to him in the Post-Zero Hour legion. Bought up every book I could find him in. Always liked him better than the other Legionnaires.

    And it annoyed me when he got put on the cover in the first storyline of the current reboot, but only got a couple of panels, while Nura got a romantic link to Brainy. The first storyline passed with no decent Thom part, and I didn't like Waid's new tone for the book when it came out so it left me feeling "Meh."

  4. The lesbian subtext in the first Green Lantern Corps storyline was so thick that it took two readings to figure out which character they actually meant by the second clause of that sentence.

    What lesbian subtext?

  5. I think it's because he's projected to be Starman.

    I was wondering if it was something like that. I have to say, though, that I can't see that ever actually happening. Did you catch the issue of the current Legion with Star Boy and Light Lass hosting a letter column?

  6. You do know one issue of Mosaic is collected in the Greatest Green Lantern stories ever told, yes?

  7. "Cassie Cain's really been getting around since she turned evil. She'll be in Supergirl #12 this time."

    Still gets much less panel time than when she had a solo book.

    Facing off with Suegirl seems more high-profile than being Robin's punching bag or Deathstroke's henchwoman, but still gives off the vibe that DC's just moving her from title to title so everybody gets a turn to establish their superiority over her.

  8. re: "The Shocking Return of Kyle's Face!"

    Great line.

  9. Seth -- you did read the scenes with the Princess and Soranik, didn't you?

    Matthew -- I heard about it. Those chickens declined to answer the very question I wanted to see the answer too.

    And besides, even if he doesn't come back in time, a future Starboy will naturally grow up to be a StarMAN. So Thom will, well, IF he grows up, be Starman of some era or another.

    Steven -- Yes, the one where John beats the stuffing out of Hal. A very good one. However, one issue does not a collected edition make. Everyone who reads that misses the singing issue, the Mosaic kids, the Klan storyline...etc..

    West -- :)

  10. Yes, Kyle's face does look pretty shocking in that image.