Saturday, June 11, 2011

Only you can stop Donna Troy.

All right, DC, we do have a big problem with the reboot so far.

You started out strong and took care of Hawkman right away. That was good. Thing is, most of us saw the cover to Justice League International and assumed that was Donna Troy in the black.

Turns out we were wrong.
Jurgens: Some have speculated that it's either Wonder Woman or Donna Troy.

Both guesses are wrong.

Since this interview, Donna Troy has not been mentioned in any of the reboot announcements. It is entirely possible that they have put her on the shelf because she is too confusing. A number of people have suggested, based on Cassie's Teen Titans costume, that Donna has been folded into that character.

I think this could be extraordinarily dangerous.

Now I'm not fan of Donna Troy. (In fact, I despise the character.) But a lot of people, including your writers, are. And if you don't settle this character's origin immediately, you are setting yourselves up for failure.

Seriously, this woman is a menace. Donna Troy is a reboot killer, more powerful than the combined willpower of your creative directors. You absolutely must have her origin established with the opening salvo of the reboot. If you do not, you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction because she will pop up and it will lead to several "Who is Donna Troy?" stories that will grow in complexity and number until they have eaten both the Titans and Wonder Woman franchises and threaten the whole universe. And all this could be averted with a simple cameo on Paradise Island in Wonder Woman #1.

You only have one shot at this. Her one weakness is actually making sense in continuity, and in order for that to happen she must be a contemporary of Dick Grayson and Roy Harper. Your window of opportunity will be short, and you must grasp it if you are to avoid another reboot.


  1. I just wish we never had to have Wonder Girl's ever again.

    1: They are always more powerful than Diana, Donna being a titan or cosmic anomaly or Cassie being half-god.

    2: Donna steals Diana's compassion and nice personality sticking Diana as a warrior and Cassie as a jerk. They reinforce Diana's lack of human interaction. They get all the character development, the stupid drama, the bad romances while Diana is stuck static yet paradoxically with no status quo.

    3: They serve no purpose to Diana or the Amazons, but they do serve a purpose for Roy Harper and creepy Marv Wolvmanish guy or Superboy.

    4: They get all the costume changes and hobbies. If Diana get's a different costume its "why isn't that for Donna?" Diana listens to music, "only Donna or Cassie listen to music."

  2. Does anyone at DC honestly think they won't reboot things again anyway?

    I mean outside official statements

  3. I'm still kinda thinking/hoping that the new woman in black is going to be Gypsy - ties in with Vixen from the old JL Detroit days - but I'm probably wrong!

  4. Oh,come ON. Are you honestly trying to say that the success or failure of the reboot hinges on the presence or not of Donna Troy? Overly dramatic much?

  5. Anon -- Completely devoid of a sense of humor much?

  6. I thought she was the Cassandra Cain Batgirl.