Thursday, June 09, 2011

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Reboot.

I understand that this blog has gone quiet since Monday, but that's because DC's Tuesday announcements contained an amazing and unique book.

A book that left me so giddy I couldn't bring myself to write a longform reaction to anything since.

A book I read when I was in High Scool.

A book that stood out among all of the DC offerings.

A book that couldn't even be saved by the main character's involvement in DC's best company crossover.

A book that I haven't even seen referenced in a very long time.

A book that I never dared hope to see again.

A book that is weird, and morbid, and seems to be written specifically with my dark sense of humor in mind.

A book that justifies the entire reboot. No matter what they do to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Teen Titans, Sgt. Rock, Lois Lane, Superman... all of it is worth it even if this book is cancelled at the six-month mark because even then for six sweet, sweet months we'll have all been able to enjoy...


That's right folks, this September a character from the above image will DIE!

And then again in October... and then again in November...


  1. He will die...and die...and when you think he cannot die? They will kill him again! :)

  2. I am so looking forward to this book coming back... and back... and back... !

  3. That's kinda how I feel about Cornell's Etrigan.

  4. Oh Yeah! I keep seeing stupid things that DC is doing, and then, and then they go and do something right. I LOVE Resurrection Man ,and have all my issues carefully hidden away.

    Do you remember the crossover he did with Tommy Monaghan in Hitman, where Tommy and Nat kept shooting him until he came up with a power that they could actually USE to fight the bad guys?

    Horrible...and yet hilarious.

  5. Now see? I thought your silence on the whole reboot thing was because unlike all the other hysterical nitwits bitching and moaning about Batgirl and Oracle, you had an actual brain. Now I see you were just distracted by a shiny object. Glad to see you living up to my preconceived notions of you.



  6. That was weak, Johnny. I can tell you don't have enough joy in your heart to appreciate Resurrection Man.