Sunday, September 23, 2007


I was just watching The Incredibles again.

I'm sure everyone remembers the point about capes, right? How Edna refused to design a suit with a cape because of all the accidents that caped heroes had and how impractical and dangerous the cape is?

I just now noticed that Violet and Helen have high heels on the costumes Edna designed.

That kind of kills that cape joke for me.


  1. Sometimes I wonder what the most PRACTICAL super-suit might be...any suggestions,either male or female...or other[?]

  2. It depends on what the character's powers are, I think -- for example, a fur-covered, beast-like hero/heroine would probably do better with less coverage due to sweating issues -- but I think a practical super-suit would have the following:
    1. Close-fitting coverage of the entire body, or at least everything from the neck down.
    2. Gloves and a mask, to help protect the identity.
    3. Treads on the boots and NO HEELS.
    4. Nothing for the bad guys to grab onto in a fight, like a cape, scarf, dangly loose-fitting 90s belt, etc.

    The Grant Morrison-era X-Men costumes seemed very practical to me, and they were attractive, to boot.

    I don't always follow these rules when I redesign a costume over at my blog, but I do take practicality into consideration. For example, I'm more likely to add impractical frills if the character is a long-range fighter, like a magic user, or someone who can fly.

    By the way, high heels on super-costumes are one of my pet peeves. Maybe that's why I liked the panel from Marvel's hunger-relief all-star book ("Heroes for Hope"?) back in the 80s, where Storm stumbles on her ridiculously high heels. That sequence was by Jo Duffy and John Bolton, I think.

  3. I give most practical to Iron Man. It kept his heart ticking, protected him from loads of damage, and he could upgrade it to meet specific challenges.

    The only things it doesn't protect him from are angst and sex changes.

  4. It's dangerous to not have a practical costume, but there is no cost to great for being fabulous!

  5. Bah, Nomad discovered the impracticality of capes -- the hard way -- long before Edna!

  6. At least things have improved a little bit from the 90's. Remember all those insane shoulder pads and pony-tails? Not to mention all the wierd belts and straps and pouches and things.

    What the HELL did they carry around in those pouches? Medication? M&M's? Condoms?

  7. The pouches contained extra over-rendering in case of an emergency close-up.

  8. Pffft, I've always dismissed that as part of the whole cutesy, self-aware coyness of Incredibles.

    Maybe even a referencial little nod to Watchmen. Although, those kinds are maybe a little scarce for that to have any factual grounding.

    Still, it's the best Fantastic Four movie I've seen yet...