Sunday, August 19, 2007

Once again...

Fuck you, Frank.



  1. The sad irony is that, had the character been left as is, there may well have been widespread derision at yet another example of turning pretty dames into scientists as a sop to "political correctness", at least among fans who aren't aware of Floss' actual history. Sad.

    And it's not as if Miller can't conceive of women as scientists (even if he still makes them conniving jezebels), as per Robocop II.

    What a doof.

  2. Damn, Chawunky, you just seriously managed to depress me.

    I hate how everything thinks women were in perpetual Donna Reed status until the 60s.

  3. Yeah, sorry about that. Granted it's a generalized extrapolation.

    Still, it is frustrating the extent to which the much more interesting reality has been streamlined into a hazy pablum of "how it all was" that's based more on the horrifically narrow and mutually reinforcing representations in antique pop culture than anything.

    Complacency reigns.

  4. >.>

    Why is Frank Miller making this movie neways? :\ What about the Spirit screams Frank Miller?

  5. Um, yeah, what Ami said. Who the hell gave Miller the keys to the Spiritmobile anyway?