Sunday, June 17, 2007

Probable JLA Spoilers.

There's a Dwayne McDuffie interview up at Wizard.
Who are some of the villains involved?

MCDUFFIE: Just like the core of the Justice League is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the core of this organization is Lex Luthor, the Joker and Cheetah, and they’ve brought a lot of help.
Any Wonder Woman villain who can be categorized as Not Circe at this point is a welcome sight.
Will there be any new members of the League, and if so, can you give any hints?

MCDUFFIE: At least one new member. Well, anybody who has seen “Justice League Unlimited” knows I like [Green Lantern] John Stewart, so I wouldn’t be averse to opening up that big, ugly can of worms.

About fucking time.

(I knew it had to be Meltzer demanding to play with Hal that kept John out of the JLA.)


  1. Man, this'll be the first time we get a readable JLA since Claremont/Byrne, or maybe Busiek, if you're generous!

  2. I'm really exited about this.

    I'd like to see all the human Green Lanterns have a book that spotlights them. The main Green Lantern book stars Hal, Guy's in the Corps, and JLA should feature John. Now if only they could find a non-Ion role for Kyle.

  3. Anonymous -- Maybe if they strip him of his powers in the Sinestro Corps special and make him a normal GL again.

    Some con report somewhere was saying he'd be in a Ron Marz-penned book with Donna Troy and Jason Todd where they explore the Multiverse. Sounds like a DC-Style Exiles, to me.

    I figure so long as Marz doesn't depower her (to be fair, he did kind of have to when the editors decided to dismantle the Dark Stars, so he might've preferred to keep her powered), Donna should be okay. I didn't get annoyed about Donna in his run until she lost her powers.

  4. Say, you know what this means? Between Hal in his own series, Guy in GLC, Kyle in Marz's upcoming book, Alan in JSA, and John in JLA, for the first time all five Green Lanterns are headlining a series.

  5. I'm really looking forward to this. McDuffie is an excellent writer, I remember his Damage Control series quite fondly.

    Bring in John Stewart? That would be delightful. And overdue. I don't mind Hal in the League, but he DOES have his own book, whereas poor John has been practically nonexistant for far too long.

  6. McDuffie on JLA? Hinting that John Stewart will be back on the team?

    Waid on Flash?

    Gail Simone on Wonder Woman?

    I think I must have fallen into some kind of weird parallel universe or something. In my univers, DC's head honchos seem to need to have their heads surgically removed from their rectums.

    I think I'll stay here for a while and check it out. It sounds like your universe is more fun than mine.

    (BTW: Ragnell, are you going to give any thoughts about the resurrection in the most recent Birds of Prey - or have you already done that and I've missed it?)

  7. Jer -- I reacted two issues ago on this blog to the resurrection.

    I have danced joyfully in the privacy of my own home after each issue of Birds of Prey since.

  8. That's right - I completely forgot. I was treating the resurrection as a feint for a while and didn't let myself believe that it was really going to happen until this last issue came out.

    Now I'm waiting for the Guy/Tora reunion issue...