Sunday, June 10, 2007

Local conventions.

Why is every blogging panel at every convention in the morning?

Aside from that, Soonercon has been great. I bought a bunch of old comics, toys, and books. I got filmed for a public access horror show. I got compliments on my Wonder Woman shirt. I didn't place in the costume contest (I was the Power Girl) but I got a ton of compliments on the costume. I got to rant about comics to a bunch of different people. I ran into friends I haven't seen in months. Got one friend's kid to take pictures for me, so I actually have pictures of me this time. Also, his mother showed me how to work a part of my camera that had been a mystery up until now. I ate chinese food in a superhero costume. I saw the last hour and a half of Hogfather (Susan Death: Even more badass in live action).

Unfortunately, because its local and I'm too cheap for a hotel I have to get up twice as early to get to a morning panel I'd sleep through if I was staying in the hotel.

(Oh, and for those keeping the tally of these things, Soonercon did nothing to break my streak. I actually noticed three times as many come-ons at this con as at any other. I think its because people at this con is more likely to be local than at the others.)

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  1. You got to see Hogfather?

    *hate stare of a thousand exploding suns. of hate*