Thursday, April 26, 2007

Open Letter to DC Comics

Dear DC,

If what I saw is true, I love you and I forgive Jodi Piccoult's stupid meta-jokes and will assume Diana was hit on the head right before Wonder Woman #6, because this development must never be edited out of continuity.

Ragnell the Foul.

PS. This had better not be a trick.


  1. This may just be the cold medication, but I'm confused.

    You mean Hippolyta being back, right?

  2. But this is just contrived garbage.

    You're letting your love of the character blind you to what is a horrible story.

  3. But if it was so easy for Circe, why didn't one of the Goddesses she worshiped bring her back long ago?

  4. Starman -- Yes

    Universal -- Oh, its still horribly written, but its worth reading through if this resurrection sticks.

    Ticknart -- I think its has to do with Rucka's run and Circe's big ally -- Ares. None of the goddesses had an "in" in the land of the dead, but Athena left Ares in charge of it at the end of the "Land of the Dead" story.

  5. I didn't know that Ares was in charge of Tartarus, I suppose that it make more sense that only Circe could bring Hippolyta back to life. Being a newbie to this book, I had no idea what happened in the last volume.

    Still, I remember back when this new Wonder Woman series was starting and I hoped that the story would let us get to know this new Diana Prince a bit before the magical beings started showing up and smacking people around. I guess that can't happen, though, when DC editorial has a crossover idea burning a hole in their pockets.