Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Okay, its safe to blog again.

Hell yeah!
Although it's difficult to tell when the unpredictable Oscar winner is being serious, Cage insisted he was. "I am serious about She-Hulk, and I think it should be done," he said. "No, I don't want to direct it or necessarily even be in it." Cage added about Mendes: "Can't you see her as the She-Hulk? I think she'd be great."

Cage said he is talking to producer and former Marvel executive Avi Arad. "I'm trying to put that together. I'm talking to Avi," Cage said. Turning to Mendes, who was seated beside him, he added: "You in a bikini kicking a lot of ass, throwing cars. Awesome!"

"Why do I have to be in a bikini?" Mendes asked.

"Because that's the character," Cage replied. "That's what she wears. You have to be in a bikini."
I want to see this. It would be wonderfully cheesy.

And yes, she would wear a bikini. Its She-Hulk. She is a mouse who sees herself as big, muscular, green, and glamorous when Hulked out. That's why I relate to her. She'd never walk out the door in one as Jennifer Walters, but as She-Hulk she would wear a bikini.

(H/T Kalinara and Mike)


  1. I saw a picture of Eva Mendez in another story about a possible She-Hulk movie and, I tell you, if you colored her green, she would look exactly like She-Hulk. I'd totally go see this movie, too!

  2. Loren -

    Here ya go:


    Courtesy of Dan Slott, some images of Eva Mendez colored green.

    I think she'd make an excellent She Hulk, but I didn't think She Hulk wore bikinis - one pieces and ripped clothes, yes, but bikinis?

    (I admit, I'm not reading Slott's book. I'm killing comics, I know, I know).

  3. Dear Mr Cage,

    I promise I will never call you a crazy fanboy again.

    Can she get a musical number? While juggling cars?

  4. You can read 4 issues of She-Hulk for free here:

    SHE-HULK #1 at:

    SHE-HULK #5 at:

    SHE-HULK #8 at:

    And SHE-HULK Vol.2 #1 at:

    Now there's no excuse. :)

  5. "Because that's the character," Cage replied. "That's what she wears. You have to be in a bikini."

    This is one of the very few instances where this statement is absolutely Right and Proper.

    I would be ALL OVER a She-Hulk flick.

  6. A She-Hulk film would be great if they did it right and remembered that her fans aren't all horny fanboys (tho IGN and Wizard would have us believe otherwise xD)

  7. I've seen conflicting reports over whether or not Nic Cage was serious or not, so it's hard to get excited about this.

    Of course Eva might need to tone up a bit like Linda Hamilton did for Terminator 2. She-Hulk's not built like a bodybuilder, but she does need some muscle definition. They can always use computer effects to embiggen her in size. That was my major complaint (okay, one of my major complaints) about Fantastic Four; The Thing was shorter than Reed and Johnny.

  8. Never thought of her. But she would definitely be a good choice.

    I still think it should be a weekly series, though. The comic has a vauge sitcom feel, and an episodic structure would let you work in stuff like the dead man testifying and Spider-Man suing JJJ, and Pug/Jen could be a sort of Niles/Daphne thing.

  9. Maybe I am too focused on the current run of She-Hulk, but I DON'T think bikini when I think of She-Hulk (But when I think dirty thought about her...). Rippped clothes and one piece of sorts all work, but the word bikinis provokes awkward thoughts of g-strings and drooling fanboys. That wouldn't do the character justice.

  10. I should also mention that Eva rally could sell the character physically. I am not to knowledgable about her acting, have to see Ghost Rider, but I bet she might be able to do her justice.

  11. Odd -- True, and she did start out with ripped clothes. But, for once it would actually make sense with the character, compared to the endless searching for an explanation for the cheesecake costume.

  12. As I mentioned at Mike's, I thought Gabrielle Reece would be perfect. Plus, she's 6'3".

  13. Also, as I mentioned at Mike's, meek non-Hulked Jennifer could be played by Tina Fey.

  14. Tina Fey would be a great Jennifer Walters.

    "...searching for an explanation for the cheesecake costume."

    What cheesecake costume? It's a purple and white one piece that goes clear to her chin, covers most of her butt, and has purple weightlifting gloves and purple calf-high boots. What is cheesecake about that?