Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've always considered myself a prude.

I never got into superhero slash. I was always perfectly happy to avoid it. I was never particularly impressed when I did find it. I figured it wasn't for me (aside from making fun of the occasional suggestive panel) and I was just one of those people who didn't have an interest in reading slash fiction.

So, why was my immediate reaction to this post this question:
Is there there Cooper/Olbermann?
There may be a bad influence or two in my blogroll.


  1. You know.. for some strange reason I don't look at comic book characters sexually. (Yes, despite their skin tight clothes and tits larger than their heads) Granted, this may be because most of my comic buying habits are mostly all-ages stuff, with the occasional Vertigo book mixed in.

    If anything, usually my thoughts are "OMG! That character is pretty!" and it ends there. I think the closest I've ever gotten was wanting to marry Wonder Woman when I was 8 years old. But that was an 8 year olds definition of marriage. We'd stay up past bedtime eating cookies and go on adventures on the weekends.

    ...come to think of it, I'd still like to eat cookies with and go on adventures with Wonder Woman. So there! DIANA! CALL ME! WE'LL MAKE SMORES!

  2. At least you didn't ask, is there O'Rielly/Hannity? ;)

  3. Oh God, Ragnell, don't do this to me. I think I have to go to the doctor, to keep my eye from rolling. Although...I do find Jon Stewart delicious.

  4. There is a part of myself... a dark, evil part of myself... the self that lets me roleplay John Constantine... the part that hates puppies, laughs at slasher flicks and actually sees some artistic merit in the Sin City comics... part of myself that after reading that and having been exposed to the horror that is John Norman's Gor series laughed at it...

    That part of me actually wants to find this Ann Coulter on Gor series just to see how bad it is.

  5. There's something about slash involving people instead of fictional characters that always bothers me, I don't really have an answer to where that line gets drawn.

    Hm, I'm reminded of that Coupling episode where Jeff says that when people fantasize about a celebrity while having sex with their SO, that creates an attraction for the two celbrities each part of the couple is thinking about if they were to meet at that moment. ("That's why Becks and Posh got together. So many people fantasizing about those two, it just created a force they couldn't resist.")

  6. You have placed the undesired image of nude Tucker Carlson in my head.