Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I was lazy earlier...

Because at this point, I still can't do anything but babble about Chicago. Content will be coming once that wears off. In the meantime, I've told yet another con story at Zamaron.

Oh, and forgot to mention earlier. We cornered Keith Giffen and asked him a very important Blue Beetle question. Jaime is pronounced like HI-mee, with the Spanish "J" rather than the Jamie I've been using in my head.

Hopefully I'll have something of substance tonight.


  1. I know what you mean...going to conventions is exhausting. I feel like I'm just starting to get back on track from my trip to San Diego Comic-Con (and that was almost a month ago!).

    Welcome back!

  2. It's pronounced HI-mee, as in Jesse Jackson's use of "Hymie-town"?

  3. I could have told you that.

    It's my cousins name.

  4. John Rogers, Giffen's co-writer, is a regular poster in the Blue Beetle thread over at SomethingAwful's "Batman's Shameful Secret" forum. He's an extraordinarily cool and good-natured dude, and open to answering story questions.

    If you have access, it's well worth checking out. I do not currently know if BSS is open to the public or not, but the thread is here.

  5. Batiduende - Of course you could have told us that, right?

    I wanted to ask you if you listened to Comic Geekos, too?

    Hee hee...

  6. Ah no, Never heard of Comic Geekos until today.