Friday, September 01, 2006

Green Lanterns Can't Joust

Wow, I'm too tired to post, or reply to your comments tonight. Rough day at work.

Instead, I have something for Sleestak's Hal Jordan Head Injury Project. From Super-Team Family, Vol 3. #12...


  1. Isn't the searing sun of Titan OUR searing sun? And wouldn't it be a tad less "searing" way the heck out in Saturn's neighborhood?

  2. Ol' Hal also lost a joust to Sinestro once on The Challenge of the Superfriends. He had to be saved by Samurai. That's got to be pretty humiliating, wielding the most powerful weapon in the universe yet you have to be saved by one of the non-continuity diversity heroes.

  3. Oh sweet pretty stupid
    Hal. Really why is it that poor
    Guy is the one in a coma all the time, when Hal obviously gets hit
    in the head a whole lot more of the time?


  4. Thanks!i've been slacking it a few weeks due to a hurt back. I'll add this now.

  5. You know, they could have used all this to explain away Parallax.

  6. Hey, Ragnell...I've actually been trying to respond to an e-mail you sent me, but it keeps getting bounced back. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I would LOVE to write the column you're wanting to see and if you have any ideas for an angle, I'd love to hear them. Write me back and let me know! Sorry...didn't mean to use your comment box for off topic stuff, but didn't want you to think I was ignoring your request!

  7. Completely off topic, but I think I found a picture for your next 'Flash is starting to scare me' post.

    Courtesy of this month's JLA Classified. Flash juggling with something you probably shouldn't juggle.

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  9. Sleestak -- No problem. :)

    Batiduende -- Ooo...

    Loren -- I will get back to you once I get a day off next week.