Friday, June 02, 2006


"Kate" Kane?

Kate Kane? Just what the hell is wrong with Kathy? What do you have against a name like Kathy, Didio?

Please, Kate Kane. Two monosyllabic names. Please! Everybody knows when you have direct alliteration (CL is not alliterative with K, though) you have at least one of the names be two syllables. That's just how it's done. Lois Lane, anyone?

Kate Kane. It sounds hideous. No one would allow themselves to be called such an ugly name. Particularly a socialite so obsessed with her appearance that she ensures her long flowing hair shows despite the mask and wears high-heels to boot muggers. Please! Like such a woman would be Kate Kane.

Now maybe, maybe if she had a name like Spencer -- two syllables, not alliterative -- she might go by Kate. But with Kane?

Kate Kane?

That's a mere one letter difference. It may as well rhyme!

Do yourselves, and her, a favor, and go back to Kathy. Kathy Kane. It rolls off the tongue.

I know it sounds similar to Candy Cane, and that's probably why you got rid of it, but that's part of what makes it work. It sounds natural. It's memorable. It's a classic-sounding name.

That's a name that'll stick with readers.

And Kathy is a fine, underrepresented name in comics. The Kates have Manhunter. The Kitties have Shadowcat. But what about the Kathies? They had Batwoman before, and now they don't. Because you had to take her away Didio. You had to go and name her Kate.


It's a serious name. That's why you did it. You wanted a serious character.

Please, I read your interview. She's a high society lesbian socialite who's in the closet about her sexuality and her superheroics. She's dying for something light and cute. She wears high heels, lipstick, and a perfect coif to a street fight. She's made for a name that ends with -y.

Do yourselves a favor and don't take this character too seriously. The situation described in this interview is prime comedic material. Can you imagine the secret identity shenanigans with not only a double-, but a triple-life set up?

And her character design. She's light and girly. She's in black and red but that's a pink person if I ever saw one. You should break your lesbian stereotype. Go for femme as femme can be, but still have her kick butt. Make her vain, and pretty, and still ready to kick ass and resist evil with the best of the Bat-clan. Go Buffy Summers. Have her complain about breaking nails and messing up her hair after she's got the bad guy down. Say things like "But when you said I wore too much rouge, you went too far!" before she opens her can of Bat-Whup-Ass on somebody.

Have her check her reflection in a store window when she sees Wonder Woman.

Please, resist the temptation to make a statement and go serious with this. Don't go for the lesson. You always seem to go for the lesson, can't you just have fun? I mean, stay serious enoguh to keep her a reasonable hero, but a little lighthearted fun never hurt anybody. Even in Gotham. and she is a holdover from the Silver Age, after all.

Don't let Rucka keep her for too long (even though we know he made her). He likes lesbians, and seems to greatly enjoy writing them, yes, but he is short on sense of humor.

Under no circumstances allow Judd Winick near her. Tell him if he wants another GLAAD award he'll just have to cross the rubicon with Grace and Anissa.

She was rumored to go to Gail first. She'd fit in in Birds of Prey, I'm sure. She can make innuendo towards poor clueless Zinda.

Marc Andreyko's free now that Manhunter's on the chopping block. Give her to Marc, he'll take care of her.

Hey, you just lured Allan Heinberg over from Marvel. Try him.

If not, get Dan Slott. They just cancelled one of his books, maybe he's willing to try a different boss for a while.

Just.. please... Someone who can do this right.

Someone who can have fun and still respect her.

Someone who will call her "Kathy."


  1. I totally want her to carry a pink compact in her utility belt and touch up her make-up after every battle.

    She shouldn't mind breaking a nail, but she should carry emergency spares, just in case. :-)

    A girly-girl Bat-type would be the awesomest thing ever!

  2. I was bothered by the whole Kate Kane thing too, but didn't really know why. Thanks for giving voice to my doubts!

  3. I'm just finding it funny that every mainstream press story sounds like they turned her into a lesbian zombie. She's alway resurrected or revived. Wierd huh?

    I guess lesbian zombies are the new zombies, er black, er she's wearing black and my head exploded from the mental strain.

  4. Great, now you've got me dreaming of a Batwoman/Manhunter/Camercon Chase/Obsidian team book. Don't make me dream about more cancellation bait titles.

  5. I don't think I'm even capable of getting that angry over something so ultimately meaningless as a slight renaming of a relaunched character.

    So that's Therapy 1, Comic Books 0.

  6. Kali -- Yeah! I mean, just because we don't want ALL of the females girly doesn't mean none of them can be! Especially if it fights the macho Lesbian stereotype.

    Keeper -- I'm glad I wasn't th only one who got an ick feeling about it.

    joncormier -- Hehehe. They don't understand "wiped from existence during time crisis."

    Lyle -- Hey, Manhunter's back, with maybe enough time to save it! And hopefully she has to be called Kathy in the case of a crossover!

    Jon -- It's not the name, it's what the name's tleling me. They have a concept that can be a lot of fun, by they traded a traditional name in for one that's more serious. Bad sign.