Monday, May 15, 2006

Fess Up!

(From Newsarama)

Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Javier Pina & Fernando Blanco
Cover by Jesus Saiz
The solo adventures of Kate Spencer come to a stunning conclusion - but her new life as a dark hero has only just begun! Final issue.
On sale August 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Okay, come clean. Who wasn't buying? Who murdered this book?


  1. I see Damon but no Todd on that cover...if anyone but Andreyko was writing this I'd worry about the implications of that.

  2. I hope my beloved Todd will go to JSA to take his father's place.

  3. What the hell? I just got into this book! I do not need this today.

    Although it does say solo adventures specifically... maybe it'll turn into a Manhunter/Obsidian crime fighting duo book...

    Or maybe she'll just go work for Mr. effing Bones full time on some kind of team book. Ugh. Stupid DC.

  4. :hangs his head in shame:

    I wasn't even aware of this book until you raved about it yesterday.

  5. @%&! And Bruce Jones's Nightwing goes on?

  6. Hey, the only issue I didn't buy was the Identity Crisis tie-in... and that wasn't by choice.


  7. Well, I bought the trade months ago. Not my fault DC refuses to put a second one out.

    *sticks chin out defiantly*

  8. *raises hand timidly*

    What? I've been busy supporting Spider-Girl! I can only attempt to save so many titles!

  9. Hey Ragnell, didn't you just start buying Manhunter like two months ago? Some of us have been on since #1, pally.

  10. This is my fault. Sorry!

    I'm not sure what killed my interest in this book more: The lack of trade collections or the sheer inevitability of its cancellation.

    I know as Free-thinking Consumers that we're supposed to vote with our wallets, but that didn't work for AQUAMAN or (insert prematurely cancelled book here), did it?

  11. Randy bought this book regularly since #1. He's gonna be pissed.

  12. Who murdered this book?

    (shuffling my hooves, looking guiltily at the floor)

    Uh, sorry, Miss Ragnall. That was m-m-m-m-me.

    (bursts into great sobbing guilty tears under the accusatory eyes of the comics blogosphere)

    B-b-b-but I was buyin' The T-t-t-thing an' that got c-c-c-cancelled today too! (sob!)



    (traipsing off slowly to the corner under Miss Ragnall's stern gaze for my not-buying-Manhunter time out)

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  14. I didn't buy it either.

    Never cared for it much actually.

    And don't hurt the bull he's made out of stuffing.

  15. Lotsa blame to go around, looks like, me included. I bought the trade and issue 16, and have been picking up singles both before and after since.

    And I was just beginning to get really interested, too- and not just because Chase was in it, either!

    Oh well, isn't the first good book I've had cancelled out from under me, and it won't be the last. After a while, you just get used to it. Unless you buy X- or Spider-Books.

  16. I've been on board since issue one. Though circumstances prevented me from getting issue five. Did I inadvertantly doom Manhunter by not buying the issue with the Justice League appearance?

  17. Ragnell, did you help murderize Dan Slott's Thing?

    Did you? Because she who is without sin and all that...

    (And, no, I didn't buy Manhunter. Joining Bully in the Time-Out corner now.)

  18. Never bought it. Not once.

    Partly its the genderswap and the ridiculous costume. Didn't grab me at jump and I never went back to catch up.

    Canton is right though. We just lost Thing. One of a very few number of Marvel books that is done right. At least at DC there are options for us, you know?

    And bring back "Hero" that book was killer.

  19. Ummm, if I promise to start buying the trades - thus hopefully encouraging a revival someday - will you agree not to hit me?


  20. Ahh, the Spleen. Funniest of the internal organs.

    I jumped on the book a few issues ago too. Sorry to see it go.

    Stuff like this convinces me that I need to do a better job of not just buying books I like, but of actively convincing my friends to buy issues too.

  21. God damn, I guess it is getting cancelled. Looks like she'll be in a team book, though, because it says that her "solo" adventures are coming to a close. I am so pissed, though! I love Manhunter, but I didn't realize how much I loved it until I found out it was being cancelled: I was bummed for the whole day.

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  23. With her Golden Age lineage being revealed I fully expect her to appear in the re-launced Justice Society book.

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  25. Dorian -- Maybe Todd's moved over to another book by then?

    Scipio -- My figners are crossed too.

    Dan -- That's a neat idea. They book continues next month, under a different name with an altered premise/ensemble cast?

    Athelind -- That's okay, there's back issues. Get the Back Issues.

    Iron -- I worry about this world's priorities.

    Lyle -- That issue was actually the low point of the series, I read it alone and didn't like it until I got the entire trade.

    Jeffrey -- Back issues...

    Calvin -- So, for your SpiderGirl my Manhunter dies?

    Chris -- Well, if someone had told me there was a cute blond lawyer you could slash with Hawkman or Obsidian hanging around.

    Anthony -- Come to think of it, how does Aquaman always keep going?

    Chris -- I await his ranting on the subject.

    Bully -- Bad little bull! For that, sentence you to three weeks with no access to any entertainment other than issues of All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder

    James -- I'm not sure Kate's techynically a normal perosn. Her Daddy seemed to have superstrength, and hell, Dr Mid-nite commented on her skin's toughness. I bet she's got metahuman abilities the suit just augments.

    Mallet -- You butt!!

    Johnny -- *Nod* Like Chase, Kate shall return. In someone else's B-Book, but she'll return.

    Diamonrock -- You mean you missed Damon hitting on Hawkman?!

    Canton -- Wel, nobody Told Me about the Thing. I don't read much Marvel, how was I to know?

    Jamawalk -- You butt! Genderswap is an AWESOME concept. You killed this book!

    But you like HERO, so you are forgiven.

    Ferrous -- Too little, too late. Unless the Starman revival thing really does work.

    Steven -- *nod* Dc does need better promotion on their better books.

    Sandicomm -- Yep, we always take the good stuff for granted.

    Anonymous -- Along with the new Starman?

  26. And just this week in Robin, Batgirl's character is destroyed completely and all of her continuity is pissed on for fun! Wheeee!

  27. Well techinically Ragnell, Spider-Girl is being cancelled too, so my efforts were in vain.

    But if I read Manhunter too, then I'd just be doubly depressed when it was cancelled.