Thursday, December 22, 2005

Between the Panels

Due to an unreliable UPS truck, I, and much of the greater Oklahoma City Area, find myself without comics today. I went to work and enjoyed myself anyway. Got to play with diagnostic programs, test equipment, take things apart, get some fresh air, get kicked off the jet so they can tow it... These moments have been all-too rare for me recently. I discovered that as much as I dread going outside and moving all the equipment so I can work, I'm a lot happier on work days when I actually get to work than when I sit inside and tell other people to work or document their progress. Wierd, huh?

Anyway, saw the following when I visited Dave's Long Box today:

Man, what would it be like to date Big Barda? You’d be out at dinner and she’d be all, “This crème brulee is better than ripping the heart out of an ash-crawler. When I finish I will take you to my bed and you will pleasure me until I am sated.” And you’d be all, “(gulp) Okay…”

...and it got me thinking:

What must it have been like to have Big Barda, Queen Hippolyta, and the Huntress on the JLA at the same time? I mean, you know Kyle must have been as happy as Brainiac 5 at a Supergirl lookalike/wet T-shirt contest, but what about the other guys, the alpha male types and the ones who prefer healthy relationships?

I guess it's just another one of those places in comics where you know you missed something amazingly funny between the panels...


  1. Well Barda actually just tries to be normal. JLI was the best at that, when the Free household got blown up they moved in with the JLI and Barda tried to be housewife.

    Saddly she served flaming food made mostly out of mayonaise (nearly killing Martian Manhunter in the process) and stole all of MM's oreo's.

    Unless she has to break things I imagine Barda just sort of being the most normal. Her and Scott always seemed like that to me.

    Hippolyta would probably be more like Aquaman's "I demand respect!" angle then anything else. I can imagine everyone backing off.

    Huntress was on the JLA for such a short time. I think everyone would have thought she might be a little insane at first sight. She was kicked off for trying to kill some one, correct?

    Besides the JLA always has some sort of insanely beautiful woman fighting on there side. I'd think they'd be able to restrain themselves.

  2. I will admit without the slightest degree of shame that I want to be in that JLA...