Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cyberspace on All-Star Superman

He's the Goddamn Superman. (Bill of R)


(Of course, if you are a fan of profanity, check this out, too)

This weekend I have been tirelessly perusing cyberspace for people and places to amuse me. This is what comes of being on the off shifts. I greatly enjoyed All Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely this week, so I looked at how everyone else reacted. I found some entertaining views, and figured that, since I am tired and preparing for a trip, I'd share some of the better ones with you. (And I am still not rampaging.)

First, Highlights from the Anticipation of All-Star Superman as seen on Barbelith Underground which was closed before the book ever hit stands because it "derailed into madness after new info on the title stopped appearing." (Hector The Friendly Vortex, 21:01/08.10.05)

One of these days, I'm going to start writing comics under the pen name "Enlis" and really fuck people up. (diztopian vision of the future,16:02/22.12.04)

Miserable. Old. Bastard. (Boboss, 19:14/22.12.04)

Fans Spunk Selves Anticipating Light, Disposable Entertainment
(The Deadly Hands Of Jack Fear, 21:29/22.12.04)


Can Expect A Good Kicking Behind Bike Sheds This Afternoon
(The Deadly Hands Of Jack Fear, 22:26/22.12.04)

...we get Morrison writing Bizarro World, for God's sake. How can you *not* love that? (Bill of R, 00:22/23.12.04)

Its going to have Solaris in it. Words cannot express how happy that makes me. (Brett E, 08:54/23.12.04)

This reminds me of the "Superman Vs Jesus" thread I started once upon a time. It's probably still buried in the recesses of the Conversation forum. (Adam forgets how to count, 12:32 / 01.01.05)

It makes me want to kill myself. (Alex is 'Paranoid Writer', 04:18 / 20.02.05)

But I feel confident Morrison has never had Superman say "yeah" and never will. (FinderWolf, 04:53/30.12.04)
(Also, Superman would not say "Yeah," but neither would he use the formal "Yes"--as a Jimmy Stewart/Gary Cooper solid midwestern type, it would be "Yep.") (The Deadly Hands Of Jack Fear, 02:01/01.01.05)
He'd probably say "yeah", though. (Emily Triplets,19:26/20.02.05)
The Man of Steel would opt for a stolid 'yes', every time, Triplets.
If you don't know that, you probably don't know anything.
(Duncan, CEO Falcon Corp,20:05/20.02.05)
Whereas Batman would always go 'hhn'. Flash is more of a 'yeah' man. Perhaps Wonder Woman and Aquaman a regal 'indeed'. (MacReady, 20:26 / 20.02.05)
J'Onn wouldn't say 'yeah' either. So that's that sorted. (Duncan, CEO Falcon Corp,20:32 / 20.02.05)
J'onn would say "Agreed" or "I concur", like Brent Spinner. Get it right. (Emily Triplets, 21:11/20.02.05)

I won't read Byrne's forum yet, don't want my brain to melt this early. (Hector The Friendly Vortex, 06:56/24.02.05)

Oh man that thread makes me realise:
1) I want to kiss Ethan Van
2) That cover is an inspired change of pace
(I'm Rick Jones, bitch, 15:43/24.02.05)

There is NO better acronym than ASS. For anything. (Stoatie- NOW WITH TROUSERPRESS, 14:14 / 04.10.05)

BASTARD! You're on The List, now.
You don't fuck with The Morrison, man. He's got powers. Madjyxyzptlkal power
(The Deadly Hands Of Jack Fear, 18:44 / 06.10.05)

Now look what you've done Grant, you've derailed the fucking Superman thread! (eon, 10:35 / 07.10.05)

Right. When can I look at Grant's ASS, then? (v for velvetvandal, 21:57/07.10.05)

So, how did everyone react once the actual book was released? Well, from all over:

More, please. (PeterCool)

(On Morrison himself) I can't understand how can people hate this guy. (Gylocke)

Of course, the last several years' worth of Superman stories have been small-scale, almost claustrophobic ant farms of Oprah-fied Morrison flinging open the shutters to big ideas was a real Mormon Tabernacle Choir "Halleluja" moment. From Superman's rescue in the heart of the sun to the bioengineered "Photosynthetic Giants", a sense of epic adventure and sci-fi spectacle was undeniably back. (Bizarromark)

Quietly is to Morrison what Johnny Depp is to Tim Burton. (Beastbone)

That image of Superman masturbating is going to stay with me all day. Cheers Quitely!

It will be the prettiest thing ever printed. (Yotsuba & Benjamin!)

This issue was so amazingly brilliant that after I read it I fell to me knees and wept. It was THAT good! (Lex)

This seems more like the superman I have been waiting for since DC stopped publishing him 20 years ago.(carmine007)

Where's Lois' chin?
Dammit, Quitely, I need more chin!
(John Brown)

(On Lex Luthor) Drama Queen. (Papers lit-up supersuit)

Welcome back, Lex. (Bizarromark)

Sorry, Lex STILL sounds like a dork. (CapeandCowl)

(No accoutning for taste) Oh, I got the Adams cover!! (Astroape2000)

(No excusing taste, either) ...but I am going to stay right off I think All Star Batman & Robin is better. (CapeandCowl)

Boil WATCHMEN down to two sentences, and tell it to a stranger. You'll feel like an idiot. (allanf)
The thing is... Watchmen DOES have an idiotic plot. (PeterCool)

I want a super-watch. (Mario)

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