Thursday, January 06, 2011

Addendum to the last post, and a note on advertising

CBR is revealing more teasers of the characters we won't see in Age of X, because they're DEAD! I thought there was some merit in reading it because Jean's supposed to be around, but the blue-bordered image on top here has euthanized my dwindling interest. I know we can see that character in the regular universe, but for some reason a timeline without... it is just not terribly appealing? I don't specifically seek out a book for that character, but I enjoy the thought that this character is alive in SOME capacity and I hadn't realized just how much until now.

I'm sure for some of you this is riveting stuff. I like the characters they've confirmed too. There have been times that I would pick up a comic book to read solely based on Magneto's presence. He's great as an antagonist and a protagonist. I just find it so very weird how the more I see the advertising for this the less likely I am to buy it. Normally I am extremely susceptible to hype. Right now, I may be one of the few people on the internet not mocking the Fear Itself teasers, because they actually have me interested in the story.

I know exactly what they're doing, they're slowly rolling out the timeline to the start of the crossover, but... they're doing it by way of body count. "See, without the X-men all these characters you love to read would be DEAD!" Right now, Kalinara is telling me she's sure that last one is a trick and if she's right we'll find out fairly quickly on Tumblr and Twitter. Then my interest will likely reawaken and I can go back, reorder and I'll buy her yet another ice cream at the next convention. In the meantime, I really don't see how a bunch of teasers telling me that my favorite characters will not be appearing in this crossover is supposed to peak my interest.

I'd call this a step down from "One of these mutants will DIE" because well... if I like that mutant, I at least get to read a little of him before he dies and we all know this death thing doesn't last in genre fiction anyway. "One of these mutants will DIE" tells me "These mutants will be in it. Read it if you like them."

This crossover is going by "This world is so horrible that these mutants didn't even survive" advertising, which is telling me the opposite. And there just doesn't seem to be enough teased about what IS left and what exactly is going on to counteract that.


  1. For what its worth it was confirmed today that Phoenix is playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. From the teasers it seems the Age of X is going to focus on a select few mutants and most of them have been shown in the group art.

  2. Anon -- That's good new.

    I liked the pics in the group art, it's just all this confirmation that anyone not in the art isn't showing up is where they're losing me. Really cool costume redesigns on certain characters are not enough to make up for telling me I won't see their supporting casts.

  3. I am giving it a shot because of Carey and for the fact that it runs in New Mutants and Legacy, both of which I read anyway. Just hope he stays away from Rogue/Magneto (ugh). Rogue pretty much set neto' straight in Legacy. I like Erik but he should not be paired with Rogue. I didn't like it in AoA and I don't want a AoA redux.