Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On the other hand, this is awesome.

Everyone see this idiot commenting on Kalinara's Variations post?
I thought it was the first ever comic that bordered on racism.
Yeah, he's not talking about The Spirit, he's talking about the latest Blue Beetle issue.

And not because they screwed it up, but because they were "forcing" the readers to read Spanish. (GOTI covered this one yesterday.)

At the end of all that xenophobic inanity comes this comment:
Hi, John Rogers, previous writer of BLUE BEETLE here.

Just to point out — this commenter’s problem is even more insane than first appears, because the issue in question ACTUALLY OCCURS IN MEXICO, where our born-in-the-USA teen superhero who is the son of two legal immigrants — one of whom is written to have served his country in the 101st Airborne — has gone to visit his grandmother.

This guy and people like him are one of the reasons comics are dying.

The Internet is a wonderful and miraculous place. We must never forget this.


  1. Hehe, I really wanted to post a declaration of love to John Rogers, but I kind of have to seem impartial.

    Dave is a moron, there, I've got it out of my system. :-)

  2. And people say racism doesn't exist anymore, or that it's only in the smallest secluded towns.

    No! It's just that the racists don't think they're racist! Just like always.

    The guy probably doesn't even read Blue Beetle. The idea of Spanish in comic books must inflame his raging xenophobic world view. I mean, he brought in all this baggage of threats to the economy and refusal to learn English ... all from one issue of a family reunion in Mexico.

    Guy has some issues he's been dying to let loose on the world.

  3. John Rogers = SO AWESOME :O OMG

    I have issues with that issue too (I think it should have been written in Spanish first, and then translated to English) but it's not cuz "OMG WE HAVE TO READ SPANISH!!! NO NO NO!!! RACIST RACIST!"

    UGH >:|

    What a moron xD

    Rogers = <3 <3 <3 tho


  4. Christ, what an idiot.

    You know if he is really in a twist about "immigrants" in comics,he should be ranting about Superman...(sarcasm)

  5. Now I want to go out and learn Klingon. And then RULE THE WORLD! Bhwahahahaha!

    Er...sorry about that. Yes, kudos to Mr. Rogers for pointing out that people ARE allowed to speak their own language in their own country. And that "Dave" has some problems. BIG problems.

  6. You know if he is really in a twist about "immigrants" in comics,he should be ranting about Superman...(sarcasm)

    Heh...why do you think they changed Superman's backstory in the 1980s to have him 'born' on Earth?

  7. Wait, wait, hold up...

    How is it RACIST? ANYONE can learn Spanish. Hell, it was taught in the two schools I went to!

    Are we SURE this guy isn't fakeposting? Because I'm having trouble believing that someone THAT UTTERLY DUMB really exists.

  8. As a former teacher, i think we should require eveyrone to have both spanish and english language classes from kindergarten. Then everyone would be bilingual! Problem solved:)

  9. I think you are all racists for not speaking norwegian.

  10. After the Newsrama thread closed he popped up in the comments section of Occasional Superheroine's post about the whole Newsrama brouhaha. And no, his comments don't get any better.

  11. I left the U.S. in '92. It was slightly more tolerant than it is now, but there wasn't much diversity in comics. Now that there is a lot more diversity, tolerance has gone down the same path as the dignity of these loons.
    But you know what? It's good that they reveal themselves for exactly what they are. The devil you know, and all that.

  12. Did anyone else notice that "Dave" doesn't sound like he's even from the US? He talks about going "on Holiday" and people spending "3 quid 50" on a comic book. Strange.

  13. Dave has said he's from Ireland.

  14. 'And not because they screwed it up, but because they ere "forcing" the readers to read Spanish'

    Sadly, I have encountered this brand of xenoidiocy before, including people who are offended at the very idea of having to "press 1 for English" and parents objecting to their children being "forced" to learn a (gasp) foreign language. This has mostly to do with the mindset of certain whites who believe, all evidence to the contrary, that they are the most put-upon, discriminated-against, and persecuted minority on Earth. My response to these "English only!" rants is always the same: "Learn to speak Cherokee, then get back to me."

  15. "Forcing"?

    Did some renegade comic dealer hold a gun to Dave's head and make him buy it?