Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I made something pretty!

Horrified that the next Star Sapphire figure is going to be in that hideous costume, I searched about online and found the classic Star Sapphire action figure (which had ugly earrings, but those were a lot easier to cut off and paint over than fixing that dreadful costume).

When I took her out of the box the other night, I realized she was the same size as my Parallax/Hal figure.  Then I noticed that one of her hands was outstretched, with the fingers spread like she was reaching for someone.  And one of Hal's hands was open so that it could hold something, and that it fit perfectly to Carol's wrist.

About that time "Written in the Stars" from the Aida cast album hit my playlist. I got inspired.

I had to make a shadowbox. After testing out about five different background ideas, I settled on a picture from an old calender. For some reason, during the entire process my playlist was queuing up love songs. when I finally finished the whole thing (which involved searching for pieces from the base, and a lot more time that I thought it would) I was listening to a cover of "I Want You to Want Me."

Weird. Anyway, pictures:

Clearest View

And for some reason I'm fond of this one that didn't come out very well. It's kind of spooky and cool.

What do you think? Are they not just made for each other?


  1. Like they're destined to go forth destroying all who would dare oppose them...

  2. Well I'll be hornswaggled, that looks really good.

    Now put them in a fancy restaurant so it looks like a proper marriage proposal.

  3. that really is sweet.. (lump in throat)...

  4. Great pics and great figures. I really like that Star Sapphire.

  5. OORRRRR, you could put on Let's Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire and put a disco ball up there. Instant junior prom! From there on, you can control the figures (get a friend to help you) and get them dancing. And then you can dance along with the figures and have a totally awesome party.

  6. That first pic reminds me of the cover of JLA # 90.

  7. Dave-El -- I was actually trying for Astro City #6, but I didn't like the way carol looked suspended and velcroed to the back of the shadowbox.

  8. Yeah, Verdi's great for inspiration.

    What's that? There's another Aida? Lalalalalala I'm not listening to you.

  9. It's beautiful. The female is looking down at the male, though. Isn't that prophetic!

    Seriously, it's very nice.