Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ineligible, but Irresistable

This breaks Rule #4, but I had to share my version of...

The Wonder Woman relaunch in 30 seconds!

I'll post my real entry later.


  1. r. nav swiped my comment! Yes with the awesome!

  2. Oh, poor Wonder Woman relaunch! There was maybe a good idea in there. Well, sorta. But you got Daredeviled!! See you in '09!!

  3. "starman" Matt MorrisonJanuary 4, 2007 at 8:54:00 PM GMT+1

    Ha! You have inspired me. I shall actually have to do the Green Arrow summary I had thought of.

  4. Nice.

    (PS-Your Diana is really cute. She has a lot of character.)

  5. I like how the "postponed" conclusion to this story was so pre-determined that the rest of the DCU has accepted it and moved on. Only in the actual WONDER WOMAN title is there any confusion as to "who is Wonder Woman"...

  6. Imagine if they did a Civil War and postponed every title that featured Wonder Woman until the story had caught up...

  7. Haw! It's funny coz it's true.

    Notice this week how the WW house ad in DC comics had "monthly" at the bottom of the page?

    Not in quotes like I had it, either.