Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Obligatory Election Day Annoyance

But first, here's one more contest I missed, thanks Michael!

Now, seeing as today is Election Day, and I've already picked my own candidates, bugged the shit out of the guys in my office to get to the polls, placed my bets and posted the Vegas odds, I'm certain I don't have to remind anyone who's a US citizen who's of age to vote before the polls close.

Because I've been glued to the election news and you are a freaking idiot if you sit this one out.

Don't worry about the lines, just bring weather appropriate gear and that graphic novel you've been meaning to read. Or, my LCS sold a couple reprints of old pulp novels, so I have the Shadow and I know some of you have Doc Savage!

Once again, no time-travel was performed in the making of this post. I just felt it was important enough to put above the NaNoWriMo Counter (because seriously, too many people forget to bring a book to situations like this and get soured on the whole experience), and will put it back to the year 2006 on Wednesday.


  1. I'm a certified political junkie. Been waiting for this year for a long time. Hope I don't get disappointed... Again.

    Oh, and I voted weeks ago. And have chastised my American friends here for not getting absentee ballots.

  2. Oh thank God, the commercials and flyers and signs and general nastiness will be ENDING! Oh, and I voted too.

  3. Not much of a line here. I guess it depends on the size of the town.

    Also, folks, get a paper ballot if you can. Fewer glitches.

  4. no time-travel was performed in the making of this post

    Aw geez. Now I feel all disenchanted.

    It turned out there was no line at all when I went to vote, so I packed Tolkien's Unfinished Tales for nothing. I don't know if everyone else came earlier in the day or if they just didn't come at all.

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  6. We had the touch-screen option in my state, but fortunately it had a verifiable paper trail to go with it.

  7. Not only did I go out and vote, but I've been actively helping out campaigns. That's why I've been MIA for a month. But, I'm back and, for me, the election was VERY worth while. Good for you for encouraging people to vote!