Thursday, September 21, 2006

So Polly did take a Time-Trip

On the Newsarama thread for EAglesham's interview, Geoff Johns showed up to clarify some things (this thread pointed it out):
Actually, the only one who remembers events like that is Power Girl.

Everyone on the JSA, from Earth 2, have vague recollections that there was a multiverse but that's it. DCU history is nearly identical to what it was.

Why is Power Girl the only one with real Earth 2 memories will be explained in Justice Society of America. I think some confusion has come from interpretation of interviews more than the comics themselves.

Hippolyta was a member of JSA, Matrix Supergirl did exist, Etc.


  1. Totally off subject. But I'm convinced that was Maxine Hunkel in this current issue of Birds of Prey :)

  2. The issue of Action where Matrix thinks it/he/she is Superman was the first Superman comic I ever bought. This news makes me happy.

    Whatever happened to Matrix anyhow?

  3. Oh, wow does that turn out to be a complicated answer.

    When Matrix merged with Linda Danvers in Supergirl #1, some of it sluiced off into the drain. THAT part of the Matrix merged with Blithe, who presumably still has it.

    In Supergirl #50-75, for reasons too confusing to get into here, the Matrix left Linda Danvers and ended up merged with Twilight, but left Linda with enough power to continue to be Supergirl. Presumably Twilight also still is merged with Matrix.

    But if the question is what happened to Linda Danvers, the answer is after forcing a Hypertime lost Kara Zor-El to go back to her Earth to die in Crisis on Infinite Earths because she could not die in her place, Linda left Earth to go... somewhere else, because she didn't feel like Supergirl anymore, but not before giving birth to the Supergirl of the 853rd Century.

  4. So... the stuff about Matrix having been wiped from existence was just Dan Didio trying to piss people off? 'Cause he sure succeeded.

    If there's anything I don't like about these big history-altering crossovers, it's that we're left scratching our heads wondering which of our comics even happened.

  5. Linda Danvers, wracked with despair, stumbled across a dark, corrupt, and supernaturally-afflicted city called Bete Noire. there, she died her hair red and adopted the nom de guerre of "Lee", spending much of her time in a bar, trying to forget her past, and occasionally stirring to help those she felt had been wronged.

    Those events are chronicled in Peter David's Fallen Angel. While "Lee" is never expressly stated to be Linda, it was an ill-kept secret to faithful followers of both series.

    During the events of Infinite Crisis, Superboy punched the universe, detaching Bete Noire from the DCU and rewriting "Lee's" background, making her literally a Fallen Angel.

    But the faithful know the truth.

  6. You know, I'd be happier if Polly DIDN'T travel back in time, and instead just was Wonder Woman during WWII. The Time Travel bit just makes the whole thing more complicated than it needs to be.

    (Just like I hope that Donna is just Wonder Woman's sister or magic clone - and the whole Dark Angel stuff no longer needs to happen - a simple origin is better than a big complicated mess).