Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Once again, too lazy for original content...

I've got dayshift again tomorrow (they have a brakes guy teaching us about electronics wire repair. It's not pretty), and it's getting late. So, here's some of the things I found instead of writing a new blog entry for you guys:

This Wednesday's Shipping List.

A good post on Emotional Predators -- I've fallen into this trap myself. A lot. I usually end up with with the paperwork at the office while everyone else goes out to the plane, because I can't tell my fat, desk-bound boss to find someone else and I haven't learned the fine art of delegation.

Kevin's thoughts.

A post from a woman trying to teach her daughter not to judge people by their clothing.

Some interesting images.

I cannot stop giggling when I watch this.

Scipio is not alone. (So far, she hasn't told any fairy tales.)

Why don't I read Blockade Boy more regularly?

A shopper stumbles across comic book culture. I'd ahve loved to have seen his face. Did he just stare at the site name and copy the link without looking, or did he explore the site and the opinions within, maybe leave with a new understanding of his fellow man.

Eh, probably not.

All of Whileaway is talking about writer Octavia Butler's death. I'd never heard of her before, but I'm inclined to track down some of her books. Surprisingly, I've only seen it discussed on feminist weblogs (that second one is Not Worksafe because of the background) so I was wondering if the rest of you guys knew.

And, to end on a brighter note. A lot of you have probably seen this, but it's become a guilty pleasure of mine. So positive. So sappy. So unlike me.


  1. oh, man. Hal Jordan punched that spaceship right in the face.

    i've no idea what the context of that scene is, but something tells me that the ship in question was filled with evil kittens from the 14th dimension intent on drinking cream out of the skulls of all earthmen they happen to encounter whilst on deep space missions.

    delicious, delicious cream.

    something also tells me that shortly after that clip, hal was knocked unconcious by flying debris caused by his own actions.

  2. Nah, Jamawalk, Hal was knocked out by one of the kittens...which was wearing a yellow collar.

  3. It is an adorable commercial. Such a nice, positive message.

    Green Lantern is okay in my book ... and Aquaman and everyone else whenever Ted Knight is narrating. I wonder if his portrayal of Ted Baxter was directly inspired by his melodramatic cartoon narrations.

    "So positive. So sappy. So unlike me." eh???

  4. Thought Baloon: "I'm powerless against that kitten's yellow collar, but If I remove the collar I'll never get the kitten back home to its owners! Great Galaxies!"

    sounds like a job for G'nort, if you ask me.

  5. Now there's a cliffhanger that really challenges Hal Jordan ... Forced to rely on his wits, not just the power ring.

    Could he form a nice, spacious kitty carrier with the ring beam? Or would the yellow collar negate even that?